BlackBoxMusic Gourmet Tip for Reinach: Greek Restaurant im Zentrum

During the cold and dark winter months, there is one culinary destination in Reinach which gets you right into the summer holiday feeling:

Greek Restaurant im Zentrum

img_0915Fishing nets, models of sailing boats and images of beautiful greek islands adorn the walls paired with the very personal and friendly greek service you get to experience, lifts you straight into a holiday mood.


img_0917Our band members enjoy the huge menu with greek specialities such with Kriyi Mesedes (cold starters) such as Choriatiki salata (Greek salad) or Oktapodi xidato (Oktopus in vinegar). The selection of fish is extensive and reaches from sole (Glossa) and swordfish (Ksifias) to prawns (Garides).

img_0923A particular highlight for meatlovers are the generously sized Tis Oras (grilled meats) menus, which will leave you truly satisfied, both in terms of quantity and quality. If you are very hungry, we can recommend the Knossos– und Mykene-Menus. Whether it’s skewers, steak or a mixed plate, there is something for everyone on the menu. The Restaurant im Zentrum even offers a second menu with typical Swiss dishes for its guests.

Restaurant im Zentrum on Angensteinerstrasse 5 in Reinach is open daily.


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