BlackBoxMusic Gourmet Tip for Reinach: Asia Restaurant Tun Huang

For superb Chinese and Asian dishes in the region of Basel there is only one address for our Brass Band:

Asia Restaurant Tun Huang

Asia Restaurant Tun HuangThe owners, the Huynh family places particular importance on a varied menu coupled with personal and friendly service and has become a culinary top institution in Reinach.

Located in the heart of Reinach the Asia restaurant is the ideal destination for groups of all sizes, we enjoy very much sitting at the big round table with the huge Lazy Susan in the middle. Sharing your meal is an integral part of the dining experience and the dishes are plentiful and easily feed 2-3 people. The authentic decor, in particular the bar which looks like a Chinese temple, is an eye-catcher.

Beef and Black Bean, Sweet and Sour Pork, Lemon chicken, spring rolls, fish, duck or the excellent fried rice are among our favorites on the menu.

The Asia Restaurant Tun Huang is open from Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner, additionally on weekends for dinner only. All dishes are also available for take-away.

We are looking forward to our next visit and recommend you this Chinese gourmet temple wholeheartedly.


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