Our drummer Juan Fernandez

IMG_2041Meet our drummer Juan

The ninth member of our Brass Band is our drummer Juan Fernandez and in order for you to learn more about him we have asked him some intriguing questions.

Sometimes we find you in vertigo-inducing heights, can you tell us why?
I work for Neon Widmer, a company that builds and installs lit signs and company logos. Sometimes we need cranes and platforms for the installation that lift us up to 90 meters up.

Do you climb to new heights in your spare time as well?
Yes, I’m part of the fire brigade in Reinach and my favourite vehicle is our Bronto Skylift.

Back to your involvement in the Brass Band, what kind of drum kit do you use?
A couple of years ago we decided within the band, to purchase an electronic Yamaha drum kit. This offers us more possibilities to alter the sound of our percussion to better fit the very varied line-up of songs we play.

Thank you so much for your answers, if you would like to learn more about the other members of the Brass Band BlackBoxMusic please visit their profile pages.

This profile is available in German.

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