BlackBoxMusic Gourmet Tip for Reinach: Restaurant zur Waage

In our new segment „Gourmet Tip for Reinach“, we introduce you to our selection of restaurants in Reinach, where we enjoy great food before or after our training or performances. Today we present you our favourite for the best Cordon Bleu in Reinach:

Restaurant zur Waage

Restaurant zur Waage Reinach
Restaurant zur Waage Reinach

We enjoy the friendly service, in particular that the waiter still knows us all from our childhood days. Restaurant zur Waage is located at Haupstrasse 62 in Reinach and is open seven days a week and offers new specials each week. Besides Pizza, Pasta and typical Swiss dishes we love eating one of the ten different types of Cordon Bleu. Whether you like it spicy with ‚The Mexican‘ which comes with Chorizo, like it French with the ‚Cordon Bleu France‘ with Dijon Mustard or get really adventurous with the curry themed version called „India“, we are sure you will enjoy your Cordon Bleu experience at the restaurant zur Waage. The ambience is very enjoyable and we look forward to our next visit in this traditional Reinach restaurant.

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