May we present – Fritz Schwendemann

Fritz Schwendemann plays the Euphonium in the Brass Band Black Box Music

2. Euphonium Fritz Schwendemann von der Brass Band BlackBoxMusic Reinach

When did you join the brass band Fritz?
I’m a member of the first minute, there when it all started. 

Apparently you have a middle name beginning with the letter F as well…
That’s right, my middle name is Florian, I guess my parents liked names starting with the same letter.

Is there a song in our lineup that you like in particular?
My favorite definitively is our version of ‚Gambling Man‘ by The Overtones.

Is it correct that you are the second oldest member of our brass band?
That’s right, Christian is two weeks older than me, however just a couple of months ago I became a grandfather for the second time.

Thank you very much for your answers, you can hear Fritz play in the horn section during our band rehearsals each Tuesday evening in Reinach.

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