Meet David Steiner

David is the third Steiner family member in the Brass Band BlackBoxMusic

IMG_6765David can you tell us how the Brass Band BlackBoxMusic was formed?
Many years ago all band members  were part of the carnival brass band Guggemusig Saiffiblootere. After a break lasting a couple of years, we decided to get back together and play music in a smaller formation. The founding members were Sven, Christian, Harry, Fritz und myself, unfortunately I can’t exactly recall the year but I’m sure Sven has this written down somewhere. 

How do you select the songs which you play in the Brass Band BlackBoxMusic?
Sometimes it’s a song that you hear on radio and you instantly know, this song is the right tune for our band and matches our style.

When were you born and where do you work now?
I was born in October 1984 and work as a teacher in school in Aesch.

What do you do in your spare time?
My hobbies are soccer, tennis, diving and fishing and of course playing the trumpet in the Brass Band Black Box Music.

Thank you very much for your answers, see David play first trumpet at one of our upcoming gigs in the Basel area.

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