Have you met our trombonist Sven Steiner?

Sven Steiner has been with the Brass Band BlackBoxMusic for many years

Today we would like to introduce you to our mysterious trombonist

Sven, hIMG_5473ow old are you and how do you earn your living?
I just turned 32 last year and I work for the secret service but I’m actually not supposed to tell you.

What was the first instrument you learned as a wee little boy?
I started very early on being a drummer, much to the dismay of our neighbours.

Is there a particular performance with the band that you remember fondly?
There are so many special moments but I guess our show at the fire brigade in Aesch as well as our interview on the TV Show „Sags em Dani“ come to mind. 

How do you cope with the large number of groupies that surround you after each performance?
That is tough indeed, I guess you get used to it after a while…

Thank you very much for answering our question, you can hear Sven play live each Tuesday at our band practice in Reinach.

Dieses Mitglieder Profil gibt es auch auf Deutsch

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