Get to know our band members – Olli Altenbach

IMG_6161It is with great pride that we introduce you to Olli Altenbach, one of our trumpets in the Brass Band BlackBoxMusic.

Olli lets start simply, do you sometimes get stage fright?
Sometimes? I’m unfortunaley always scared to bits before each performance!!

Have you found a remedy yet for your fears?
I massage my earlobes and a good beer prior to the show helps a great deal I find…

Is guess it’s fair to say you’re scared because you are still a young gun, actually how old are you?
I was born in 1982 so you do the maths…

Where do you work?
Unlike Sven I actually do work for the Swiss authorities protecting our borders but I’d rather not say in which division.

We are grateful for your answers, if you would like to hear Ollie play divinely on his trumpet do attend one of our rehearsal sessions in Reinach or watch him rub his earlobes at an upcoming performance.

Diese Information ist auch auf Deutsch erhältlich

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